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Cycling The Palm Springs Region

Author: Nelson Copp

This book provides route maps and trip descriptions for 35 great rides in the Coachella Valley. Rides vary from easy road trips for the whole family along highways and bike paths to longer workout trips for more experienced riders, and plenty of tough off-road trails for the most physically fit. About half the trips are suggested for use on mountain bike and ten are located in Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains.


**Also available as an eBook. Please check with your preferred online source for availability – 9780916251062, 9780932653932.**

About the Author

Nelson Copp

Nelson Copp is the author of Cycling the Palm Springs Region, co-author of the books Cycling San Diego and Wilderness Basics, and a popular lecturer. A geologist by training, he enjoys helping people "find themselves" he teaches Map & Compass Navigation and GPS classes for many Southern California groups and is a frequent Sierra Club outing leader. Along with biking, his interests include hiking, backpacking, surfing, cross-country skiing, and chasing eclipses all over the globe.