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Book Details

Guacamole Dip

From Baja… Tales of Love, Faith—and Magic

Daniel Reveles brings another helping of stories to the table smooth yet spicy, and bursting with colorful characters. Against a backdrop of life in the border town of Tecate, Reveles offers us glimpses of young lovers and old friends, fierce rivals and friendly conspirators, a few familiar faces and plenty of newcomers. Their lives are peppered with intrigue and heart-breaking surprises, but even the most poignant tales are liberally flavored with the author s wry wisdom and zesty humor. WINNER of the Fourteenth Annual San Diego Book & Writing Awards.


Also available as an eBook. Please check with your preferred online source for availability – 9780916251918, 9780932653833.**

About the Author

Daniel Reveles

Born in Los Angeles to Mexican-born Parents, Reveles has been in some part of the entertainment industry since he was seventeen — as a recording artist, songwriter, television producer, documentary film director and disk jockey. He stumbled into the Baja California town of Tecate twenty years ago, and has been there ever since.