ISBN: 9780932653802, Retail: $14.95 $6.00

Author: Don Brundige and Sharron Brundige

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date 11/06, Format: SC

Covering a wide variety of coastal to inland areas of Orange County, California, this all-new edition in a handy 6 x 9 format of the popular guide features on-road descriptions of 58 rides, from short family trips to rides suitable for the most physically fit biker. Detailed maps, distance and elevation, road and traffic conditions, along with information about landmarks and other points of interest.


9780976580119.jpgNOT FAR FROM NORMAL

ISBN: 9780976580119, Retail: $13.95 $6.00

Author: Tamara Johnson, Photographer: Rachael Wenban

Publisher: San Diego City Works Press

Pub Date: 10/14, Format: SC

Part poetry, part photo essay, Tamara Johnson’s Not Far From Normal tells the secret history of San Diego’s parks and missions as told by their current inhabitants.  From the crash of PSA Flight#182 to the “I don’t like Mondays” school shooting and other dark episodes that don’t make it into San Diego’s official story, Not Far From Normal is a compelling history of everyday life on the wild side of Southern California. Just steps away from sponsored fun runs and ultra-marathons, San Diego’s hidden residents play games of survival side-by-side with official city events.


Orange County Place Names A to ZORANGE COUNTY PLACE NAMES, A TO Z

ISBN: 9780932653796, Retail: $12.95 $5.00

Author: Phil Brigandi

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 06/06, Format: SC

Orange County’s place names take us through the history of California’s second largest county, from Indian villages to modern master-planned communities. Over the years, residents and others have left their mark by naming the places where they lived, worked, and traveled. Here, in over 500 alphabetical listings, are hundreds of these interesting glimpses into Orange County’s colorful past.



ISBN: 9780932653864, Retail: $19.95 $8.00

Author: Brad and Kristine Denton

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 11/07, Format: SC

An exclusive, color, fold-out peninsula map is located in a pocket attached to the back cover. This guide book includes hiking trail maps and descriptions, bridle trail information, bikeways, and points of interest for the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula area, plus much more.


9780932653093.jpgROCK ART of the GRAND CANYON REGION

ISBN: 9780932653093, Retail: $24.95 $14.00

Authors: Don D. Christensen, Jerry Dickey, Steven M. Freers

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 05/13, Format: SC

The rich photography and narrative in this book presents an overview of approximately 5,000 years of Native American rock art painted and engraved on the canyon walls and boulders within the greater Grand Canyon region, an area stretching south from the Arizona-Utah border to the Mogollon Rim.


Wild Wooly Night 96 dpiA WILD AND WOOLY NIGHT

ISBN: 9781891795251, Retail: $15.95 8.00

Author: Lorraine Lynch Geiger

Publisher: Bobolink Media, Inc.

Pub Date: 01/07, Format: HC

Most little kids don’t look forward to bedtime, but Phillip is quite ready to go to sleep. Just as he cuddles into his new bedspread of stars, Phillip finds that they’ve turned into dripping wet starfish. How can he sleep with starfish? Luckily he has a whole closet full of different bedspreads. But the next bedspread brings in jumping frogs! He definitely cannot sleep with frogs! So he pulls out a new spread… and another… and another. Black and white shapes, spots, stripes, polka dots – each bedspread brings on more animals who won’t let Phillip sleep. What kind of bedspread will stop this ”wild and woolly” night? Surely not one that attracts swinging chimpanzees or a flock of flamingos. Will Phillip ever get to sleep?