f3c1439ec4769a20363acc891e5846a2.jpgLA JOLLA: A Photographic Journey

ISBN: 9780932653352, Retail: $21.95 $10.95

Author: Nick Agelidis

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 05/14, Format: HC

Photographer Nick Agelidis has captured the beauty and charm of La Jolla in stunning images that show why this seaside village has been the destination of world travelers since the 1880s. Stunning photographs depict the iconic historic and modern landmarks, such as the world-famous Torrey Pines Golf Course depicted here. From the luxury resorts, restaurants, and stores to the craggy rocks, sea caves, marine life, and landscaped colorful gardens, this photographic journey enthralls and invites the reader to want more. A map pinpoints the location of each photograph, allowing the reader to use this book as a guide to the world-class attractions that keep visitors returning to La Jolla and make them envious of local residents who call it home.



ISBN: 9780983783725, Retail: $13.95 $6.95

Author: Mel Freilicher

Publisher: San Diego City Works Press

Pub Date: 09/13, Format: SC

In The Encyclopedia of Rebels, Mel Freilicher continues his lifelong engagement with the intersections between history, fantasy, and memoir.  The narrator throughout is a college teacher and community activist struggling against despair.  With the help of radical heroes, famous and obscure, who devoted their lives to fighting tyranny, he rises to the call of irony.  You could call this book both an outrageous comedy and a credible look at the world we live in.


 Ghost of Mt. Soledad 96 dpi THE GHOST OF MT. SOLEDAD

ISBN: 9780615324821, Retail: $9.95 $4.45

Author: Joan Brady

Publisher: Pachyderm Press

Pub Date: 02/10, Format: SC

Set in San Diego in the summer of 2007 during a record-breaking heat wave, and an even steamier, real life debate over the constitutionality of the cross on Mt. Soledad. Margaret Duran is a middle-aged woman accepts an assignment to write a piece on the cross for a local magazine. She winds up meeting and falling in love with the ghost of an American soldier from WWII and goes missing.


9780932653789.jpgLEAVE ONLY PAW PRINTS: Dog Hikes In San Diego County

ISBN: 9780932653789, Retail: $14.95 $7.45

Author: Donna Lawrence

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub 06/06, Format: SC

Over 75 hikes and walks for dogs and their people. Includes National, State, City and County parks, Regional Parks, Dog Parks and Beaches. With an appendix of dog-friendly businesses.


9781891795602.jpgBIGHORNS DON’T HONK

ISBN: 9781891795602 – Softcover, Retail: $7.95 $3.99

ISBN: 9781891795596 – Hardcover, Retail: $16.95 $8.45

Author: Stephen Lester

Publisher: Bobolink Media, Inc. Pub Date: 02/11

Bighorn sheep can leap from ledge to ledge and only need two inches to land. They run fast, swim and have some of the best eyes in the animal kingdom. Their fights sound like thunder. They live in the mountains and in some of the hottest places in America. All the fun facts about an American West fixture with fun to read rollicking verse and hilarious illustrations are in this book. Ages 4-8 Bighorn region: British Columbia past California to Mexico and eastward to North Dakota.