9780932653680.jpgLOUIS ROSE: San Diego’s First Jewish Settler

ISBN: 9780932653680, Retail: $19.95     $7.95

Author: Donald H. Harrison

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 11/04, Format: SC

The life of Louis Rose, who came to San Diego in 1850 and helped shape the city’s government, development, and planning.


Thirst for IndependenceTHIRST FOR INDEPENDENCE: The San Diego Water Story

ISBN: 9780932653628, Retail: $9.95     $4.95

Author: Dan Walker

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 10/04, Format: SC

A combination of history and current events coverage, this book depicts dramatically San Diego’s long and desperate search for an independent and reliable water supply source. Modern water distribution is covered thoroughly from each of the counties’ water districts. Includes charts, maps, and photographs.


Tequila Lemon and SaltTEQUILA, LEMON, AND SALT…From Baja…Tales of Love, Faith – and Magic

ISBN: 9780932653659, Retail: $14.95     $5.95

Author:  Daniel Reveles

Publisher:  Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 10/04, Format: SC

The border town of Tecate comes to colorful life and the lives of its inhabitants unfold, full of surprises and a few broken dreams in this new collection of stories from Daniel Reveles, the bestselling author of ‘Enchiladas, Rice, and Beans.’



The Panda Who Would Not Eat

ISBN: 9780932653840, Retail: $9.95     $3.95

Author:  Ruth Todd Evans

Publisher:  Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 11/07, Format: SC

Colorful illustrations by the author complement this TRUE tale of a picky panda bear at the San Diego Zoo. The panda worries everyone at the Zoo by not eating, until the keeper finds just the right thing to please the hungry bear. This charming read-aloud story is based on the true story of one of the first pandas in the San Diego Zoo’s Giant Panda Conservation program, whose problem was solved by a nearby botanical garden


9780932653895.jpgPalm Springs-Style Gardening:

The Complete Guide to Plants and Practices for Gorgeous Dryland Gardens

ISBN: 9780932653895, Retail: $26.95     $14.95

Author: Maureen Gilmer

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 11/08, Format: SC

Despite the Coachella Valley s near tropical climate, creating gardens in this desert can be trying. Wind, heat, sand and a dozen other factors must be considered and then solved or mitigated before plants will grow. While milder parts of California grow gardens so easily that books are hardly needed, low desert gardening is a whole new world where residents need help, and lots of it.