ISBN: 9780932653239, Retail: $39.95 $19.99

Author: Harry Crosby

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 10/97, Reprint: 4/10, Format: HC

 The Cave Paintings of Baja California are considered one of the 5 most significant areas in the world for pictographic murals and the only one in the Western Hemisphere.   Harry Crosby’s devotion his research and photography of the paintings, along with his exceptional writing skills brings them to life with a unique prospective on the human will to create. This full-color account of the great murals of a forgotten people depicts the author’s discovery and documentation of a world-class archaeological region in remote central Baja.




ISBN: 9780916251970, Retail: $14.95 $7.47

Author/Publisher: Bette L. Pegas

Pub Date: 03/09, Format: SC

In her new memoir, Bette Blydes Pegas transports readers into a universe Darwin made famous, a world of Giant Tortoises, salt-crested Marine Iguanas, and crimson-throated Magnificent Frigatebirds. Her odyssey is a time for family bonding, a search for Charles Darwin, a reminder of the fierce competition for natural resources, and proof that a brave, unknown side of herself was just waiting for its own evolution. Includes photos and an essay on the life and work of Charles Darwin.


COOL CRITTERS: And Other Weird Animal Poems

ISBN: 9781891795626 – Softcover, Retail: $6.95 $3.48

ISBN: 9781891795619 – Hardcover, Retail: $15.95 $7.98

Author: Lorraine Geiger

Publisher: Bobolink Media, Inc., Pub Date: 03/12

Cool Critters and Other Funny Animal Poems is a wonderful book. If you take a look inside this book you’ll find all sorts of critters, like peccaries, tarantulas, and bats that give you jitters.



ISBN: 9781891795329 – Softcover, Retail: $7.95 $3.98

ISBN: 9781891795169 – Hardcover, Retail: $15.95 $7.98

Author: Conrad J. Storad

Publisher: Bobolink Media, Inc., Pub Date: 09/06

In the Sonoran Desert Penny Pack Rat loves to collect things at night. One day Nana says she always wanted a silver spoon. Penny decides to find one for her. Facts about the Desert Pack Rat and Words to Learn at the end of the book provide extra value for young readers.



ISBN: 9780916251000, Retail: $16.95 $8.48

Author: Gary Winters

Publisher: Jaguar Tales

Pub Date: 3/10, Format: HC

Juan Araiza is a Yaqui Indian boy with no money, no shoes, no education, and no future. He leaves his village to search for his father—a man he never knew—in Mexico’s second largest city. He doesn’t find his father, but his native wit and grit take him all the way from the streets to a job in the federal government. He meets the charismatic Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos and soon finds himself feeling torn—his head in the government job and his heart in the black-masked Zapatista fight for Indian rights. Written for the young reader, ages 13-18. Well written and interesting to adults as well.



ISBN: 9780981602097, Retail: $12.95 $6.48

Author: Forrest Hylton

Publisher: San Diego City Works Press

Pub Date: 10/10, Format: SC

Vanishing Acts traces the arc of descent of a young American anthropologist, Richard Melville, as he tries to navigate the shifting currents of intrigue and seduction churning around him in Medellin, Colombia – a tropical city of frightening beauty and violence. Ignoring the advise of Baston, his paranoid informant and would-be- guardian angel, Richard pursues Maria Isabel, a beautiful yet elusive student activist. BILINGUAL FLIP BOOK: Innovative format—it’s a mirror/flip book where one side (the red cover) has all the dialogue in its original Spanish and the rest in English; the other side (the blue cover) is entirely in English.

BILINGUAL FLIP BOOK: Innovative format—it’s a mirror/flip book where one side (the red cover) has all the dialogue in its original Spanish and the rest in English; the other side (the blue cover) is entirely in English.


 WYATT EARP IN SAN DIEGO: Life After Tombstone

ISBN: 9781882824410, Retail: $39.95 $15.99

Author: Garner Palenske

Publisher: Graphic Publishers

Pub Date: 10/11, Format: HC

Wyatt Earp is famous for his years as a fearless lawman who, durring his stint in Tombstone, AZ from 1879-1882, faced down desperate outlaws at the O.K. Corral. Here the adventures of Wyatt Earp’s life post- Tombstone are explored. Four years after the killings in Arizona, Earp and his wife moved to San Diego, CA where Earp and his allies controlled the gambling operations through alliances with city officials.