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Mayan Mars

Gustavo Chen is recently widowed and trying to forget his past, he escapes into his teaching and aerospace research and obsessively surfs the La Jolla waves on his time off. An affair with a sexy young student and a mysterious job offer lead him into a world of industrial secrets, indigenous beliefs, and a microscopic extraterrestrial life-form that threatens worldwide disaster. Journey from the mystical rain forests of the Yucatan to the sunny beaches of San Diego, and across the ocean to Japan in this thrilling science fiction adventure the story of one man’s attempt to stop mutated Martian viruses from coming to earth in the form of a killer plague. Spanning the centuries from 500 AD to the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, Mayan Mars is an intricate tale of seduction, deception, revenge, and undying love.


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About the Author

Marc Andre Meyers

Marc Andre Meyers

Marc A. Meyers, Professor of Materials Science at the University of California at San Diego, has carried out research within his field all over the world. His work with the Center for Explosives Technology Research and the US Army led him to imagine a chain of events which could lead to the frightening scenario in Mayan Mars. Dr. Meyers lives in San Diego and travels extensively in Mexico and Europe.