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Take a Look at Our February Specials!


COLOR ME FIT: You Can Do It!

ISBN: 9781941384299, Retail: $9.95 $5.99

Author: North American Fitness and Health with Nicholas North

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 01/17, Format: SC

Fitness can be fun—just like coloring a book or playing Follow the Leader! Join the Fantabulous Fit Zoo Crew to achieve new levels of fitness by coloring each exercise step and then copying each Zoo Crew member’s stance and movement. Make it a family event and have everyone join in. Learn all the fun exercises and repeat them regularly, and you can look forward to a life of fitness and health! Go for it because you can do it!



ISBN: 9780980095036, Retail: $18.99 $10.99

Author: Dean Glass

Publisher: Our Heritage Press

Pub Date: 06/16, Format: SC

Built in 1858, the Whaley House is one of the oldest structures in San    Diego, and is considered to be one of the most haunted houses in America.  The story of the pioneering Whaley family tells the history of early San Diego. With over 125 vintage photos and illustrations, old California comes alive. The History & Mystery of the Whaley House illuminates the history of the pioneer Whaley family and their magnificent 1850s brick mansion, dispelling myths and providing rediscovered facts and information about this popular tourist destination, and of the spirits known to inhabit it. Journals, letters, historical documents, dozens of fascinating historic photographs, and other ephemera culled from the Whaley House archives by SOHO staff help convey the legend of this remarkable historic house museum. It is one of six historic museums and sites SOHO operates.



ISBN: 9789685965071 Retail: $24.95 $9.95

Editor: Martinez Mauricio

Photographer: Rigoberto Moreno

Text: Francisco Javier Ibarra

Publisher:  Amaroma Ediciones

Pub Date: 11/05, Format: HC, Now 24.95 (1/7/14)

This book showcases a story: the desire to build the perfect paradisaical refuge, at the edge of the known world. With stunning color photography and inviting text, this book reveals the qualities of a little-known part of Mexico, where architecture is integrated perfectly into the surrounding natural landscape.



A History of Wine and Wineries in San Diego County            

ISBN: 9780692763100, Retail: $16.95 $9.99

Author:  Richard Carrico

Publisher: Recuerdos Press

Pub Date: 09/16, Format: SC

In this well researched and amply illustrated book on the history of local wines and wineries, noted author and historian Richard L. Carrico takes the reader on a fascinating journey.  From Baja California north to Vista and out east to Alpine, this book will satisfy the wine drinker and historian alike.

This book fills an important void in local history—who made the first wines, what was the first commercial winery, and is it true that at one time San Diego County rivaled Sonoma in wine production?  From its start in 1769 wine has been an integral, although ignored part of San Diego County history.  From the San Diego Mission to the Mexican Ranchos and then throughput the American period with its waves of wine drinking immigrants, vineyards and wineries rose and fell.  Today we are experiencing a renaissance of wine making and once again San Diego County is poised to take its place among the wine growing regions of the United States.



ISBN: 9780615414768 Retail: $26.95 $13.95

Author: Carol Sletten and Eric Kramer

Publisher: Wolf Water Press

Pub Date: 02/11, Format: sc

This book weaves the quintessential elements of the mythic West into a highly readable story. This non-fiction version of Michner’s Centennial is comparable to the novel in poignant detail and narrative scope.  The book has a huge time span, beginning before the formation of the mountains and ending just before World War II.



Coastal Hazards of Northern San Diego County, California

ISBN: 9780916251239 Retail: $24.95 $13.95

Editor: Cari Gomes

Publisher: SDAG

Pub Date: 09/12, Format: SC

A self-guided driving tour of coastal San Diego County starts at Guajome County Park, and explores the coastline from San Onofre to La Jolla. Hike to volcanic Cerro de la Calavera, Carlsbad. Technical papers range from a Plio-Pleistocene asteroid impact, landslides, and spelunking, to archeology at Mission San Luis Rey.