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ONLINE Sunbelt Spotlight: Rock Art of the Grand Canyon

October 6, 2021 @ 11:00 am

Discover the rock art hidden in the depths of the Grand Canyon with author Steve Freers.

Authors Don D. Christensen, Jerry Dickey, and Steven M. Freers, along with their associates, have carefully and thoroughly recorded and documented nearly 500 rock art sites within the Grand Canyon region, stretching south from the Arizona-Utah border to the Mogollon Rim. Over the past 28 years they have worked in cooperation with the Kaibab National Forest, Grand Canyon National Park, Bureau of Land Management/Arizona Strip, and the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument to analyze the hard data and to form a comprehensive overview of the 5,000 years of Native American art painted and engraved on the walls and boulders within the greater Grand Canyon region.

Their work to date culminated in the award-winning book, Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region, from Sunbelt Publications. It is a visually stunning book with over 425 photographs and 30 drawings, representing the latest classification of this rock art within a chronological framework and associated cultural affiliations. These enigmatic rock images are placed within their environmental and archaeological context, essential in deriving potential clues as to their function and significance. Several interpretation theories exist in the literature and these are carefully examined in light of this current research. Importantly, rock art is an endangered cultural heritage and the question of its protection, preservation, and conservation also receives attention as well as the religious and social importance of these images to contemporary Native American peoples.

Presenter Steven M. Freers will provide highlights of the book’s content and share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their research journey within the majestic Grand Canyon region rarely seen by the millions of visitors who visit this area annually.