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Deer Dancer

Author: Gary Winters

Juan Araiza is a Yaqui Indian boy with no money, no shoes, no education, and no future. He leaves his village to search for his father—a man he never knew—in Mexico’s second largest city. He doesn’t find his father, but his native wit and grit take him all the way from the streets to a job in the federal government. He meets the charismatic Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos and soon finds himself feeling torn—his head in the government job and his heart in the black-masked Zapatista fight for Indian rights. Written for the young reader, ages 13-18. Well written and interesting to adults as well.


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About the Author

Gary Winters

Gary Winters

Gary Winters has written a hundred cross-cultural articles on Mexico. He has won awards for short story, poetry, novel, and photojournalism. In the United States he has won numerous awards and been published in the Mensa Bulletin, several literary journals, and was a poetry contest winner in the Mensa International Journal, distributed in a hundred countries. Gary was the English editor, feature writer and columnist for a bilingual newspaper in Baja California. He was severely censured by immigration officials when he championed Mexican union workers and muchachos selling chicle on the streets of San Felipe. He writes fiction now.