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Follow The Sun

Ancient clay tiles are found at an archaeological investigation in Morocco—over 3200 years old, written in ancient Berber script, with cuneiform and hieroglyphs, the tiles contain a record of travel to distant lands. Translated, they reveal the story of Follow the Sun, a young man talented in language, science, and diplomacy (whose patron is Pharaoh Ramesses II), and of his journey around the earth—by boat, horse, and on foot—that begins in 1276 BCE. Follow in the footsteps of this ancient traveler as he sails from the Canary Islands across the Atlantic to Cuba, visits the New World from Mexico to Alaska; follows the Aleutian Island chain to Kamchatka, then on to China and the ancient Silk Road. In each new place he makes friends, learns the customs and beliefs of the natives, and shares some of his knowledge. Then, as an old man with a wife and children, Follow the Sun comes full circle, back home.


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