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Ghost of Mt. Soledad

A Love Story

Author: Joan Brady

In the summer of 2007, amidst an ongoing debate over the constitutionality of a lone, twenty-nine-foot cross atop San Diego s historic Mt. Soledad, a local freelance writer inexplicably goes missing. Margaret Duran, middle-aged and never-married, accepts an assignment to write an article about the so-called cross controversy for a prominent magazine. While researching the piece, Margaret visits the mountaintop where an old war memorial sits at the base of the cross. As the tourists leave for the day and dusk settles over the spectacular city below, Margaret is stunned to find herself confronted by a handsome, young man who tells her that he is the ghost of an American soldier who died in combat during WWII…and who claims to have shared a past life with her. Margaret is terrified and begins to doubt her own sanity, but the charismatic ghost manages to take her on an enchanting odyssey into an eerily familiar past. There, in the caves and crevices of her memory, all the wilted dreams and possibilities of her forgotten youth begin to unfold again, like the petals of some magnificent flower. Before long, Margaret realizes that she will have to choose between the sane and satisfactory life she has built for herself and the love of a ghost who just might be her forever soul mate.

About the Author

Joan Brady

Joan Brady

Joan Brady is an internationally recognized writer and lecturer. Her best-selling debut novel God on a Harley was translated into seventeen languages, and was endorsed by well-known self-help experts like John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus). Since the success of her first novel, Joan has developed an especially large and loyal following in the Latino community. She has since penned an additional six novels, most of which have become best sellers in Spain and Latin America. She has been a guest on many television and radio programs here in the United States, as well as in Barcelona, Spain and in Mexico City, Mexico.