ISBN: 9780931532306, Retail: $10.95 $7.50
Author: Virginia Clark
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 06/07, Format: Comb

Delicious Recipes for all types of fish! This book brings together two bamily hobbies — fishing and cooking! Recipes for the catch – grilled, fried, stuffed and stewed. Try these easy recipes for freshwater and ocean fish: Parmesan Flounder Fillets – Honey Curried Grouper – Broiled Orange Roughy – Salmon Enchiladas – Catfish Pecan – Grilled Trout with Bacon.


ISBN: 9781583691489, Retail: $11.99 $8.35
Author: Mary L. Williams
Publisher: Western National Parks
Pub Date: 1972, Format: SC, Spiral

Resourceful recipes and practical home remedies compiled by Alice Kirk Grierson from the 1850s to the 1880s. Mrs. Grierson penned many of her recipes at the remote, West Texas army outpost of Fort Davis. Included are recipes for some of the hearty classics that American’s have enjoyed for generations like: clam chowder, gingerbread, Boston baked beans, and spiced beef. Then discover remedies for coughs, colds, toothaches, and even gunpowder burn!


ISBN: 9781885590985, Retail: $10.95 $7.50
Author: Lisa Liddy, Joe Liddy
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 11/13, Format: Comb

Get on the Bacon Bandwagon! More than 120 mouthwatering recipes featuring an abundance of bacon – plus bacon trivia, facts, and humor. You’ll want to try bacon salsa, bacon bread pudding, bacon wrapped meatloaf, and much more!


ISBN: 9781885590954, Retail: $10.95 $7.50
Author: Lee Fischer
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 06/04, Format: Comb

From the heart of the Southwest comes the Burrito Lovers Cook Book with recipes for fantastic flavorful burrito fillings and tasty sauces, salsas and guacamoles


ISBN: 9780914846062, $10.95 $7.50
Author: Al Fischer
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 2002, Format: Comb

Chili cook-off prize-winners and regional favorites! The best of chili cookery, from mild to fiery, with and without beans. Plus a variety of taste-tempting foods made with chili peppers.


ISBN: 9780914846932, $10.95 $7.50
Author: Susan K. Bollin
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 2003, Format: Comb

This cookbook will appeal to partygoers, hosts and hostesses. Featuring more than 150 recipes for making delicious dips.


ISBN: 9780965322348, Retail: $14.95 $5.00
Author: Ann Hazard
Publisher: Renegade Enterprises
Pub Date: 10/05, Format: SC

Join author Ann Hazard as she leads you through four generations of historic Baja adventures. This selection of 250 recipes is representative of Baja’s unique and continuously evolving cuisine.


MEXICAN FAMILY FAVORITES COOKBOOK ****Shelfworn – May have mild to moderate damage****
ISBN: 9780914846178, Retail: $10.95 $6.00
Author: Maria Teresa Bermudez
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 06/03, Format: Comb

More than 250 easy to follow homestyle favorite family recipes for tacos, tamales, menudo, enchiladas, salsas, frijoles, chile relleno, carne seca, guacamole and sweet treats. 144 pages


ISBN: 9780914846857, $10.95 $7.50
Author: Susan K. Bollin
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 02/93, Format: Comb

Great tasting Mexican food in minutes. Now even novice cooks can create burritos, enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, and margaritas.


ISBN: 9780914846802, $10.95 $7.50
Author: Susan K. Bollin
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 02/93, Format: Comb

Salsa recipes for use with appetizers, main dishes and desserts are the focus of this cookbook, featuring more than 180 salsa recipes!


ISBN: 9781885590824, $10.95 $7.50
Author: Editor
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 09/11, Format: Comb

Recipes from coast to coast. Presenting lobster, crab, oysters, clams, salmon, swordfish and more.


ISBN: 9780914846895, $10.95 $7.50
Author: Lynn Nusom
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 11/93, Format: Comb

Enjoy the More than 150 recipes featuring tequila as an ingredient that brings zesty new taste to meals.


ISBN: 9781885590138, $10.95 $7.50
Author: Bobbie Salts
Publisher: Golden West
Pub Date: 05/96, Format: Comb

This clever cookbook includes recipes for main dishes, appetizers, and desserts.


Support local non-profit press

City Works Press Titles


ISBN: 9780976580188, Retail: $14.95 $10.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Mel Freilicher
Pub Date: 10/17, Format: SC

The absurd mixes with the real in a vision of the American landscape as both murderous and comic. This is a funny, angry and passionate history of our county. American Cream marks the third book in acclaimed San Diego author Mel Freilicher’s trilogy of avant garde experimental historical fiction (his other two books, The Unmaking of Americans: 7 Lives and The Encyclopedia of Rebels are also published by City Works Press).


ISBN: 9780976580171, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Adrian Arancibia
Pub Date: 9/07, Format: SC

Long before maquiladoras and transnational migrations, there were pampinos who worked mines owned by American companies in Latin America. Their lives are inspirations, their toils directions of where the spirit can survive. Atacama Poems offers reminders of the importance of fulfilling dreams and remembering those who made them possible. A multi-generational family album, where voices carry like echoes.


CITY WORKS ’12: A Creative Anthology by Local Writers & Artists
ISBN: 0-81312, Retail: $6.00 $3.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Various
Pub Date: 2012, Format: SC

This anthology includes work by local award winning authors such as Chris Baron and Cali Linfor, as well as a variety of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and prose by student authors from San Diego City Colleges.



ISBN: 9780976580126, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Cheryl Klein
Pub Date: 4/06, Format: SC

The Commuters is a novel composed of intersecting stories about people who live in Los Angeles. From an immigrant garment worker, struggling to exist in an often cruel city, to a lonely foster child, who uses arson to express himself, Klein’s novel delicately and deftly probes the inner lives of her compelling cast of characters.


ISBN: 9780806138077, Retail: $24.94 $10.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Jim Miller
Pub Date: 3/07, Format: HC

Joe Blake is searching for something real in a seemingly depthless world. An alienated, underemployed professor and aspiring poet, Joe roams San Diego in his own personal disquiet and discovers that agony and ecstasy coexist all around him. Joe has fallen in love with Theresa Sanchez, a single mother cultivating her own garden of doubts. As Joe and Theresa negotiate their intimacy amid bouts of passion and lines of Neruda, they find common ground in their yearning for a more authentic life. But what they later discover along a lonely stretch of highway is almost too real for them to bear.


ISBN: 9780981602011, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Robert V. Hine
Pub Date: 9/08, Format: SC

This novel is based on the life of Job Harriman and is a fictional account of life in the utopian, turn-of-the-century Llano Colony north of Los Angeles. Robert Hine is THE California historian on utopias.


ISBN: 9780983783725, Retail: $13.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Mel Freilicher
Pub Date: 2013, Format: SC

In The Encyclopedia of Rebels, Mel Freilicher continues his lifelong engagement with the intersections between history, fantasy, and memoir. The narrator throughout is a college teacher and community activist struggling against despair. With the help of radical heroes, famous and obscure, who devoted their lives to fighting tyranny, he rises to the call of irony. You could call this book both an outrageous comedy and a credible look at the world we live in.


ISBN: 9780981602073, Retail $14.95 $10.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Josh Turner
Pub Date: 10/18, Format: SC

Endless Blue Sky is an irreverent take on family, the different ways we self-medicate and the limits of sunshine. Jeff Ashby is struggling to survive trying to get through each day. Between a dysfunctional workplace, antagonistic brother and strange girlfriend, he’s not sure where to turn. Okay, never mind about the girlfriend. She’s actually better than he deserves. Still, when is he going to take control of his life? It’s unclear. Perhaps the universe will intervene.


GODS OF RAPTURE: Poems in the Erotic Mood
ISBN: 9780976580133, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Steve Kowit
Pub Date: 8/06, Format: SC

Kowit is one of the best-known poets in San Diego with an enormous following. The poems are based on the ancient amatory poems of India written in Sanskrit. Art–drawings, portraits, and sketches –accompany the poems throughout the text.


ISBN: 9780981602059,
Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Ella deCastro Baron
Pub Date: 2003, Format: SC

Itchy Brown Girl Seeks Employment is an ironic Curriculum Vitae where life and work experiences one wouldn’t want a potential employer to know are highlighted using vulnerability, wit, observation, and candor. Ella deCastro Baron a first generation Asian American woman challenged by her parents’ faith, inherited sickness, and questionable life choices shares of beginning and ending relationships, restlessness, miracles, prejudice, entitlement, and community. She leaves it up to the reader to decide, after assessing her background, education, professional experience, fieldwork, high (and low) achievements, if she is someone worth investing in.


LANTERN TREE: Four Books of Poems
ISBN: 9780983783718, Retail: $14.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Chris Baron
Pub Date: 9/12, Format: SC

Lantern Tree: Four Books of Poems is a luminous collaboration that explores life’s spaces- the lantern of relation, journey, spirit, desire, loss, and home. At once disparate and entangled, the voices found here are those of Chris Brown in Under the Broom Tree, Heather Eudy in Bills of Lading, Cali Linfor in A Book of Ugly Things, and Sabrina Youmans in Pacific Standard Time.


ISBN 9780976580195, Retail price: $14.95 $10.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Jim Miller
Artist: Perry Vasquez
Pub Date: 4/18, Format: SC

Last Days in Ocean Beach is the story of William, a scientist working at the Center for Extinction Studies, a think tank at the College of the Sun funded by a green billionaire. William lives “on the border between dread and wonder” as he desperately works to raise the alarm about climate change and its dire consequences to an apathetic public, learns to live with grief, and hold on to love. Along the way, we meet the residents of his wonderfully shabby apartment complex in Ocean Beach–bikers, hippies, skate punks, adventure tourists, reggae singers, aimless young professionals, Iraq war veterans, decadent retirees, a hospice nurse, and a Buddhist monk, all of whom are searching for something, looking to live more fully. Last Days in Ocean Beach is a blues song moaning and rocking the beach party at the end of the world.


LAVANDERIA: A Mixed Load of Women, Wash, and Word
ISBN: 9780981602066, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Editor: Donna Watson
Pub Date: 9/09, Format: SC

This anthology is an experience in written word and photography. It highlights the universal ritual and common interaction of people, places, and things found between loads of laundry. Lavanderia gives the audience a unique look into an otherwise ordinary chore by giving it voice and visual. It celebrates the task often deemed “women’s work” and honors the history of washer women. These women writers reveal their secrets, fears, loves, and regrets in poem and story form, using the act of doing laundry as a kind of metaphor to examine work, gender, class, and race. It touches on everything from labor strikes and scrub boards to present day love affairs rinsed away in the automatic double loader. Lavanderia is a reminder that incredible strength and spirit can reside in the most routine spaces.


MAMAS AND PAPAS: On the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting
ISBN: 9780981602080, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Alys Masek
Pub Date: 10/10, Format: SC

Mamas and Papas fully explores the dimensions of being a mother and father – the good, the bad, the sublime, and the truly horrific. In this multi-genre anthology we include short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and memoir. While we published valentines to the experience of being a parent, we also included pieces that explore the difficulty, contradictions, and frustrations of rasing children and more.


ISBN: 9780976580119, Retail: $13.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Tamara Johnson
Photographer: Rachael Wenban
Pub Date: 10/14, Format: SC

Part poetry, part photo essay, part field guide, Tamara Johnson’s Not Far From Normal tells the secret history of San Diego’s parks and missions as told by their current inhabitants. From the crash of PSA Flight#182 to the “I don’t like Mondays” school shooting and other dark episodes that don’t make it into San Diego’s official story, Not Far From Normal is a compelling history of everyday life on the wild side of Southern California. Just steps away from sponsored fun runs, endurance challenges, and ultra-marathons, in Tamara Johnson’s Not Far From Normal, San Diego’s hidden residents play games of survival side-by-side with official city events. However one feels about the rise of dark tourism, it has never been necessary to travel far to experience either the dangerous or the exotic.


RECLAIMING OUR STORIES: Narratives of Identity, Resilience and Empowerment
ISBN: 9780976580157, Retail: $13.95 $5.00
Edited by: Mona Alsoraimi-Espiritu, Roberta Alexander, Manuel Paul Lopez
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Pub Date: 9/16, Format: SC

Reclaiming Our Stories: Narratives of Identity, Resilience and Empowerment gathers 19 powerful narratives generated from a community writers workshop located in Southeast San Diego. These stories engage topics such as race, class, family, and gender, illustrating the challenges faced in our communities and the strength of overcoming them.


ISBN: 9780578527901, Retail: $15.95 $10.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Editors: Khalid (Paul) AlexanderManuel Paul Lopez
Pub Date: 2020, Format: SC

Reclaiming Our Stories 2 continues the tradition of a literature—beginning with the slave narrative—that counters hegemony and white supremacy. These stories offer a glimpse into the lives of real people in their own words; they put a human face to members of our communities who have been marginalized, labeled as criminals, and discarded by our society. Most of the authors are first-generation college students who have all survived and continue their struggle to overcome the constant challenges of being Black, Brown, and poor in San Diego. These narratives deal with complex issues encompassing race, class, place, family, mental and physical health, gender, disability, and identity. Above all, they are stories of life, loss, and determination to thrive.


ISBN: 9780981602004, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Jimmy Santiago Baca
Pub Date: 9/08, Format: SC

Rita and Julia is an extraordinary collection of poetry that takes the reader from the depths of despair through outrage to transcendent joy. In these searingly intense poems, Baca inhabits the subjects of his poems and makes them sing.


ISBN: 9780981602028, Retail: $13.95 $10.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: J. Medina
Pub Date: 10/18, Format: SC

At once magical and searing, Medina’s poetry chronicles the sweet, sad music of humanity. Here is a moving, innovative collection of poetry by a long-time writing instructor at Grossmont College. It will be useful in creative writing classes, Chicano Studies classes, and literature courses of all kinds. For lovers of poetry and poets themselves, Medina’s risk-taking in both form and theme will be compelling.


SUNSHINE/NOIR: Writing From San Diego and Tijuana
ISBN: 9780976580102, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Authors: Various
Pub Date: 2005

Sunshine/Noir Writing From San Diego and Tijuana is the inaugural book from San Diego’s only literary press, San Diego City Works Press. It contains an innovative mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, and art from Mike Davis, Marilyn Chin, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sandra Alcosser, Steve Kowit, Mark Dery and many emerging writers and artists from San Diego and Tijuana.


SUNSHINE/NOIR II: Writing From San Diego and Tijuana
ISBN: 9780976580140, Retail: $15.95 $10.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Various
Pub Date: 10/15, Format: SC

Like the first edition of Sunshine/Noir this anthology presents the reader with a wide range of contemporary San Diego writers of fiction and nonfiction alike as well as poets, artists and photographers.  It explores San Diego and Tijuana’s border culture; San Diego’s multiple identities and lost history; the city’s natural beauty and endangered ecologies; its role as a center of the culture of war; and San Diego writers’ attempts to explore the meaning of place.  By using a multicultural, multidisciplinary, pan-artistic approach, this anthology offers the reader a fresh look at a city yet to be explored in such a fashion.  Sunshine/Noir II is not comprehensive, but rather stands only as a place marker in the continuing exploration of literary San Diego that leaves many borders yet to be crossed. This anthology includes many acclaimed and award-winning poets and writers as well as emerging authors.


ISBN: 9780976580164, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Mel Freilicher
Pub Date: 9/07, Format: SC

Dorothy Dandridge, Bettie Page, Joey Stefano, Margaret Fuller, Margaret Sanger, Bayard Rustin, Billy Stayhorn. The Unmaking of American: 7 Lives sketches an accurate outline of these admirable, complex, and in some cases, tragic lives as they have been depicted by their principle biographers. In the work, fact and fantasy mingle without becoming conflated. This is a book which looks at grave social and personal ills.


ISBN: 9780981602097, Retail: $12.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Author: Forrest Hylton
Pub Date: 10/10, Format: SC

Vanishing Acts traces the arc of descent of a young American anthropologist, Richard Melville, as he tries to navigate the shifting currents of intrigue and seduction churning around him in Medellin, Colombia – a tropical city of frightening beauty and violence. Ignoring the advise of Baston, his paranoid informant and would-be- guardian angel, Richard pursues Maria Isabel, a beautiful yet elusive student activist. BILINGUAL FLIP BOOK: Innovative format—it’s a mirror/flip book where one side (the red cover) has all the dialogue in its original Spanish and the rest in English; the other side (the blue cover) is entirely in English.


San Diego Natural History Museum Titles


HC ISBN: 9780916251604, Retail: $39.95 $5.00
SC ISBN: 9780916251611, Retail: $24.95 $3.00
Publisher: San Diego Natural History Museum
Author: Philip Unitt
Pub Date: 6/84

This work comprises over 300 pages of text and maps including 12 full-color plates of previously unpublished watercolors depicting birds found in San Diego County.


California Birds: Their Status and Distribution by Arnold SmallCALIFORNIA BIRDS: Their Status and Distribution
ISBN: 9780916251826, Retail: $39.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego Natural History Museum
Author: Arnold Small
Pub Date: 1994, Format: HC

More a reference work than a field guide, this beautiful book includes 336 full-color photographs of California’s 586 species of birds and their natural habitats. Maps of California’s landform regions, localities and counties are also included.


INSPIRED BY NATURE: San Diego Natural History Museum After 125 Years
ISBN: 9780918969040, Retail: $29.95 $5.00
Publisher: San Diego Natural History Museum
Author: Iris Engstrand
Pub Date: 1999, Format: HC

There has been tremendous change during the 125 year history of the San Diego Society of Natural History, but the Mission of the institution remains essentially as written in 1874. This book celebrates the institution’s colorful past.