LIZARDS FOR LUNCH: A Roadrunner’s Tale

ISBN:  9781891795008, Retail: $7.95 $5.55

Author: Conrad Storad

Publisher: Bobolink Media

Pub Date: 09/01, Format: SC

Roadrunners are speedy, fearless, and when they do take time out from ruling the desert scrublands and meadows they call home, they enjoy a tasty snack of… lizards? It’s true! The aptly titled Lizards for Lunch: A Roadrunner’s Tale provides you, the reader with a glimpse of the world as it is known to the speedy roadrunner. Far from the cartoon character many people are familiar with, the life and habits (eating and otherwise) of the roadrunner are accurately depicted in this book though a witty rhyme and fantastically vibrant illustrations. You will see something new each time you adventure into this book and the roadrunner’s world. And you will gain an appreciation for not having the uncertain life of a lizard, or as the roadrunner would see you – as lunch! Ages 4-8


 MEXICAN SLANG plus Graffiti

ISBN: 9780932653604, Retail: $9.95 $6.95

Author: Linton Robinson,


Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 06/03, Format: SC

A unique book that reveals the hip talk and occasionally lewd eloquence of the Spanish commonly used in Mexico and Latin American. Whether you want to use the words, avoid them, or simply want to understand them, this book clears up the confusion. Also includes examples of slang commonly found in graffiti on buildings, bridges, and fences



ISBN: 9780916251192, Retail: $12.95 $8.95

Author: Michael J. Walawender

Publisher: San Diego Association Of Geologists

Pub Date: 10/11, Format: SC

Roadside Geology along Sunrise Highway clearly explains the exciting geology of the most fascinating and highest mountain highway in San Diego County with abundant photos, maps, and illustrations. When you go to San Diego’s beautiful back country and want a better understanding of the local geology be sure to grab this book! This self-guided tour starts just 47 miles east from downtown San Diego.


SAN DIEGO-LA JOLLA UNDERWATER: Vol 2 – La Jolla Shores & Canyon

ISBN: 9780964072473, Retail: $19.95 $13.95

Author: Judith Lea Garfield

Publisher: Picaro Publishing

Pub Date: 06/00, Format: SC

Come and explore the sandy bottom off La Jolla Shores, delve into the eerie depths of mysterious La Jolla Canyon, and discover for yourself the abundance and variety of colorful life that exists. Understand marine species’ behavior and dietary and reproductive habits.


SAN LUIS REY ON DISPLAY: Geoscience In Northern San Diego County

ISBN: 9780916251369, Retail: $35.00 $24.00

Author: Scott Snyder

Publisher: San Diego Association of Geologists

Pub Date: 10/13, Format: SC

San Luis Rey on Display- Geoscience in Northern San Diego County is a guidebooks and collection of papers prepared to accompany San Diego Association of Geologists’ (SDAG) 2013 annual field trip. Use the road log with route map for insights to the geology, paleontology, and archeology in the heart of this 50+ mile long watershed.



ISBN: 9780932653703, Retail: $9.95 $6.95

Author: Ernestine De Soto

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 03/05, Format: SC

This children’s tale is based on a Chumash oral legend about how to be a good host. Brightly illustrated by the author, the book incorporates Chumash words and traditional designs, and includes a tribal linguistics map and Chumash glossary. The land occupied by the Chumash peoples stretches along the coast of southern to central California.