November 2019 SPECIALS


ISBN: 9780932653239, Retail: $39.95 $19.95

Author: Harry Crosby
Publisher: Sunbelt Publications
Pub Date: 10/97, Reprint: 04/10, Format: HC

This full-color account of the great murals of a forgotten people depicts the author’s discovery and documentation of a world-class archaeological region in remote central Baja.




COAST TO CACTUS: The Canyoneer Trail Guide to San Diego Outdoors

ISBN: 9781941384206, Retail: $29.95 $19.95

Author: The Canyoneers of the San Diego Natural History Museum
Edited by: Diana Lindsay, Paula Knoll, Terri Varnell, Project Manager: Diana Lindsay, Maps: Pat Knoll
Publisher: Sunbelt Publications,
Pub Date: 09/16, Format: SC

Coast to Cactus: The Canyoneer Trail Guide to San Diego Outdoors is much more than a hiking guide. Written by the San Diego Natural History Museum Canyoneers, it is the new “bible” for really getting to know and appreciate the county’s biodiversity while exploring firsthand. The guide has 250 hikes, each with its own map and photograph, hike description with mileage, elevation gain/loss, difficulty rating, directions to the trailhead with GPS, trail use, special features, and type of habitat(s) found on each hike. Each hike has a focus on a species or natural/cultural history feature associated with that hike.





ISBN: 9780916251161, Retail: $29.95 $19.95

Editors: Monte Murbach and Charles Houser
Publisher: San Diego Geological Society
Pub Date: 10/10, Format: SC

Covers geology of the northern Anza-Borrego desert region including the 2010 joint field trip for SCGS and SDAG.  Useful for anyone interested in geology, mines, history, groundwater, geologic structure, or Holocene and older faulting. Local geologists contribute both newly published and classic papers on the region covering everything from Fonts Point to Yaqui Pass, Banner Grade, the Salton Sea, the “Sky Art” metal scuptures of Borrego Valley and more!




PEAKS, PALMS AND PICNICS: Day Journeys in the Coachella Valley

ISBN: 9780916251574, Retail: $18.95 $12.95

Author: Linda Pyle
Publisher: Trail Wisdom
Pub Date:  02/02, Updated: 2011, Format: SC

Day journeys in the mountains and deserts of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley of southern California. Written in a narrative style, this book highlights natural history and western lore, and includes scenic picnic locations and simple recipes for the trail.




VIRGINIA CITY: To Dance with the Devil

ISBN: 9781941384152, Retail: $25.95 $17.95

Author: Nicholas Clapp
Publisher: Sunbelt Publications
Pub Date: 01/16, Format: SC

Where else but in Virginia City could a penniless Irish miner in a few short years amass a fortune greater than any of America’s robber barons, simply by dint of hard work and intuition, and remain a humble, caring human being? Here as well Mark Twain discovered and honed his comic voice, and notorious badman Sam Brown was lined with lead, with a coroner’s jury concluding, “It served him right.” Here also Julia Bulette, a kindly harlot beloved of the city’s firemen, was the toast of a rowdy Fourth of July parade. In Virginia City mines, men plunged into the scalding, hazardous heart of the earth, tantamount to partnering with hell’s dread demon, so that they could enjoy five Shakespeare companies performing at once, food rivaling Delmonico’s in New York, and frocks ordered directly from Paris that could be worn in this barren, windswept middle of nowhere. Virginia City’s twenty turbulent bonanza years—what a time it was!





ISBN: 9781941384312, Retail: $12.95 $8.95

Author: Jenny Holt
Publisher: Sunbelt Publications
Pub Date: 02/17, Format: HC

In this southwest bedtime story, as the desert sun sinks into the west, the desert animals prepare for night. Owl takes her nightly flight observing the evening activities before she makes her way to her nest.




WYATT EARP IN SAN DIEGO: Life After Tombstone

ISBN: 9781882824410, Retail: $39.95 $27.95

Author: Garner Palenske
Publisher: Graphic Publishers
Pub Date: 10/11, Format: HC

Wyatt Earp is famous for his years as a fearless lawman who, durring his stint in Tombstone, AZ from 1879-1882, faced down desperate outlaws at the O.K. Corral. Here the adventures of Wyatt Earp’s life post- Tombstone are explored. Four years after the killings in Arizona, Earp and his wife moved to San Diego, CA where Earp and his allies controlled the gambling operations through alliances with city officials.