SPRING into March with these Specials!


ISBN: 9780932653932, Retail: $18.95 $10.99

Author: Nelson Copp

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 12/08, Format: SC

This book provides route maps and trip descriptions for 35 great rides in the Coachella Valley. Rides vary from easy road trips for the whole family along highways and bike paths to longer workout trips for more experienced riders, and plenty of tough off-road trails for the most physically fit. About half the trips are suggested for use on mountain bike and ten are located in Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains.



A Mountain Biker’s Guide to the County

ISBN: 9780932653963, Retail: $19.95 $10.99

Author: Nelson Copp

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 11/10, Format: SC

Explore the excellent mountain bike trails to be found throughout San Diego County, from the International Border up to Palomar Mountain, and from the coast out to the Anza-Borrego Desert. Cycling the Trails of San Diego provides state-of-the-art route maps and detailed trip descriptions for 50 great rides in the county, with a bonus ride along the Santa Ana River Trail!



ISBN: 9781891795145, Retail: $6.95 $3.99

Author:  Charline Profiri

Publisher:  Bobolink Media

Pub Date: 6/05, Format: Boardbook

Geckos everywhere! Number 1 is the cool gecko with the blue shades. Number 6 does push-ups and number 4 sleeps through it all. Ten lively geckos are having fun in this entertaining board book – can you count them all?




ISBN: 9780692763100, Retail: $7.95 $4.75

Author: Conrad Storad

Publisher: Bobolink Media

Pub Date: 03/14, Format: SC


“Be smart. Stay safe. Listen to your parents!” That’s the message from Mama and Papa Quail to their covey of chicks. The watch word is BEWARE! There are other lessons to learn as well as Eddie the Elf Owl narrates Monster in the Rocks, a new tale from the southwestern deserts written by Conrad J. Storad and illustrated by Nathaniel Jensen.



ISBN: 9780615414768 Retail: $12.95 $7.75

Author: Jimmy Santiago Baca

Publisher: San Diego City Works Press

Pub Date: 09/08, Format: SC

Rita and Julia is an extraordinary collection of poetry that takes the reader from the depths of despair through outrage to transcendent joy. In these searingly intense poems, Baca inhabits the subjects of his poems and makes them sing.


SUNSHINE/NOIR: Writings From San Diego & Tijuana

ISBN: 9780976580102, Retail: $12.95 $7.75

Author: Jim Miller

Publisher: San Diego City Works Press

Pub Date:  04/05, Format: SC

Sunshine/Noir Writing from San Diego and Tijuana is the inaugural book from San Diego’s only literary press, San Diego City Works Press. It contains an innovative mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, and art from Mike Davis, Marilyn Chin, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sandra Alcosser, Steve Kowit, Mark Dery and many emerging writers and artists from San Diego and Tijuana.



ISBN: 9780916251185, Retail: $34.95 $24.47

Author: Jon Rebman, Norman Roberts

Publisher: San Diego Natural History Museum

Pub Date: 05/12, Format: FLEXI-BOUND,

The Baja California Plant Field Guide is a manual to native and naturalized plants of the Baja California peninsula, Mexico.  It is a useful guide for the entire Sonoran Desert and for Southern California, as over 50% of the species covered also occur in these regions.  Over 715 different plants in 111 plant families are identified (most in both English and Spanish), with both scientific and common names and detailed descriptions. Many species are illustrated with color photographs.  Descriptions entail plant habit and height; stem, leaf, flower, and fruit morphology; range; elevation; pollination biology; ethnobotanical uses; and discriminating comparisons with close relatives.  This book is intended for everyone from the interested novice to the professional botanist.