A Guide to the Wildflowers, Shrubs, Trees, Ferns, and Grass-like Plants of the Greater Yellowstone Region of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

ISBN: 9781495160042, Retail: $24.95 $17.45

Author: Whitney Tilt

Publisher: Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Pub Date: 05/11, Format: SC

The Greater Yellowstone Region is a land accented by wildflowers—from diminutive orchids to plants that flower once every 60 years. Taken together their forms, colors and habits are diverse and compelling. Included here are more than 400 wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees readily found in the Greater Yellowstone Region, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Designed for easy use, this guide presents a clear overview of each species, complete with photos and illustrations, botanical description, preferred habitats, and interesting tidbits on the plant’s ecology and cultural use. Species are organized by family, and a quick-reference guide in the front displays flowers and distinctive fruits by color.

Whether you are hiking, camping, enjoying a walk, or just driving through, Flora of the Yellowstone is the field guide to take along.



ISBN: 9780916251789 Retail: $29.95 $20.95

Editor: David Bloom

Publisher: San Diego Association of Geologists (SDAG)

Pub Date: 11/06, Format: SC

This guidebook includes the San Diego Association Geologists’ 2005 and 2006 field trips. We begin our exploration in the Peninsular Ranges Batholith in southern San Diego County along historic Old Highway 80 and the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railway.



ISBN: 9780916251147, Retail: $24.95 $17.45

Editor: Phillip S. Rosenburg

Publisher: San Diego Association of Geologists (SDAG)

Pub Date: 05/10, Format: SC

This guidebook includes the San Diego Association of Geologists’ 1994 field trip through Camp Pendleton. Base Camp Pendleton covers an area of approximately 200 square miles, extending from the Pacific Ocean to the crest of the Santa Margarita Mountains and serves as a buffer zone between the populous metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and San Diego. Includes fold out map!



ISBN: 9780937808504, Retail: $12.95 $8.99

Author:  Millicent Lee

Publisher:  San Diego Museum Of Man

Pub Date: 1989 (originally published 1937), Format: SC


A delightfully written fictional, but historically accurate account of life among the Kumeyaay Indians whose villages were in the mountains, foothills, and valleys of San Diego County among oak groves. In the first of two tales, a white boy is adopted into a band and must learn the ways of the Kumeyaay. In the second story, a young girl learns about the plants and animals from her “herbwoman” mother and finds the limitation of natural healing with the introduction of white man’s diseases.



ISBN: 9780932653611, Retail: $9.95 $6.95

Author: Roberta Labastida

Publisher: Sunbelt Publications

Pub Date: 12/03, Format: SC

This charming story, told from the view point of a young Indian from the Kumeyaay (Kumiai) nation, describes the traditional way a family lived in years past and how they continue to share this knowledge in today’s world. The book is an engaging way for youthful readers to adventure into earlier times in the countryside of the Alta/Baja California borderlands and to learn about native ways.



ISBN: 9780980095005, Retail: $24.99 $17.45

Author: Eric Pahlke

Publisher: Save Our Heritage Organization

Pub Date: 06/08, Format: SC

San Diego County Victorians is the first book published covering the entire county. A photographic overview of great variety, the author has included all style types from architect designed to beach houses, summer cottages, and farmhouses, from the affluent to the working class home. Pahlke has created a photographic tribute to the grace and beauty of the county’s Victorian houses.


SUNSHINE/NOIR II: Writings From San Diego & Tijuana

ISBN: 9780976580140, Retail: $15.95 $10.99

Edited by: Jim Miller and Kelly Mayhew

Publisher: San Diego City Works Press

Pub Date: 10/15, Format: SC

Like the first edition of Sunshine/Noir this anthology presents the reader with a wide range of contemporary San Diego writers of fiction and nonfiction alike as well as poets, artists and photographers.  It explores San Diego and Tijuana’s border culture; San Diego’s multiple identities and lost history; the city’s natural beauty and endangered ecologies; its role as a center of the culture of war; and San Diego writers’ attempts to explore the meaning of place.  By using a multicultural, multidisciplinary, pan-artistic approach, this anthology offers the reader a fresh look at a city yet to be explored in such a fashion.  Sunshine/Noir II is not comprehensive, but rather stands only as a place marker in the continuing exploration of literary San Diego that leaves many borders yet to be crossed. This anthology includes many acclaimed and award-winning poets and writers as well as emerging authors.