ISBN: 9781941384381, Retail: $9.95 $6.95

Author: Max Kurillo
Publisher: Sunbelt Publications
Pub Date: 06/18, Format: SC

In the year 1769 Spanish solders with some Franciscan Padres came to a place called San Diego.  The military moved northward to Monterey but some Padres stayed behind and started the first mission in Alta California, mission San Diego de Alcalá. The next mission was in Monterey San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo in 1770, the last mission was Sonoma in 1823.  These 21 missions are the last of the Spanish missions anywhere in the world.




Hardcover: 9781891795169, Retail: $15.95 $11.15
Softcover:  9781891795329, Retail: $7.95 $5.55

Author: Conrad Storad
Publisher: Bobolink Media, Inc.
Pub Date: 09/06

In the Sonoran Desert Penny Pack Rat loves to collect things at night. One day Nana says she always wanted a silver spoon. Penny decides to find one for her. Facts about the Desert Pack Rat and Words to Learn at the end of the book provide extra value for young readers.  For ages 4-8.



GULF OF CALIFORNIA COASTAL ECOLOGY: Insights from the Present and Patterns from the Past

ISBN 9781941384183, Retail: $19.95 $13.95

Author: Markes E. Johnson and Jorge Ledesma-Vázquez
Publisher: Sunbelt Publications
Pub Date: 01/16, Format: SC

This handbook on ecology and paleoecology is infused with insights on the origins and development of Mexico’s Sea of Cortés during a span of more than 12 million years.  It makes the connection between a beautiful shell washed onto a beach with the discovery of the same or similar fossil shell from a nearby limestone cliff.      The concept of natural history appears less often in increasingly specialized literature, nowadays, failing to draw a connection between the present and the distant past.  This book makes the connection and brings the past alive.  It deals with multiple and interlocking ecosystems and their fossil counterparts, providing a holistic overview on geography, ecology, and geology.




ISBN: 9781941384404, Retail: $24.95 $17.45

Author: Christopher D. Livesey
Publisher: San Diego Association of Geologists
Pub Date: 12/17, Format: SC

The “Julian-Banner Mining District: A Road to Gold“, provides a written history of the San Diego Association of Geologists 2017 field trip, supplemented with professional quality papers that enhance the guidebook and understanding of the area, as it relates to geology and mining. The book hi-lights points of interest (including hiking trails with commentary) along California State Route (Highway) 78 from Ramona to Julian, California.



LA JOLLA: Jewel by the Sea

ISBN: 9781941384435, Retail: $24.95 $17.45

Author: Ann Collins
Publisher: Sunbelt Publications
Pub Date: 10/2018, Format: HC

Stunning seascapes, annual events, historic hotels and landmarks, private and public recreational facilities, educational institutions, nature reserves, marine life, distinctive churches, long-time shops and eateries, arresting architecture, in-depth captions, and brief biographies of notable La Jollans are all found within the pages of La Jolla: Jewel by the Sea. As a native La Jollan, Ann Collins is uniquely suited to photographing and writing about her hometown. Her award-winning photography faithfully captures the essence of this Mediterranean-style seaside community in Southern California. In-depth captions engage readers with interesting tidbits of La Jolla’s history.



MAMAS AND PAPAS: On The Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting

ISBN: 9780981602080, Retail: $12.95 $8.99

Author: Alys Masek
Publisher: San Diego City Works Press
Pub Date: 10/10, Format: SC

Mamas and Papas fully explores the dimensions of being a mother and father – the good, the bad, the sublime, and the truly horrific. In this multi-genre anthology we include short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, anmemoir. While we published valentines to the experience of being a parent, we also included pieces that explore the difficulty, contradictions, and frustrations of rasing children and more.