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More Adventures With Kids in San Diego

The most popular guide to activities and outings n San Diego County with special appeal for children, written by a pediatrician and mother of three. If you are a kid, have a kid, or know a kid, this book will entertain!


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About the Author

Judy Goldstein Botello

Dr. Judy Goldstein Botello is a pediatrician, teacher, and lecturer who works extensively with children and their families throughout San Diego County. She currently works with developmentally disabled children, teaches Western medicine and physiology to acupuncture students, lectures on cross-cultural issues in medicine, and has taught pediatrics at several community colleges and at UCSD. Dr. Goldstein Botello is the author of a critically acclaimed novel, The Other Side: Journeys in Baja California. Her stories and articles have appeared in The Southern Review of Literature, Lear's Magazine, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, and numerous periodicals. She co-wrote More Adventures with Kids in San Diego with her daughter, Kt Paxton, and continues to explore and discover new adventures throughout the southern California region. Botello and her husband live in San Diego County.