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Of Wine on the Lees Well Refined:

A History of Wine and Wineries in San Diego County

In this well researched and amply illustrated book on the history of local wines and wineries, noted author and historian Richard L. Carrico takes the reader on a fascinating journey.  From Baja California north to Vista and out east to Alpine, this book will satisfy the wine drinker and historian alike.

 This book fills an important void in local history—who made the first wines, what was the first commercial winery, and is it true that at one time San Diego County rivaled Sonoma in wine production?  From its start in 1769 wine has been an integral, although ignored part of San Diego County history.  From the San Diego Mission to the Mexican Ranchos and then throughput the American period with its waves of wine drinking immigrants, vineyards and wineries rose and fell.  Today we are experiencing a renaissance of wine making and once again San Diego County is poised to take its place among the wine growing regions of the United States.

About the Author

Richard Carrico

Richard Carrico is a principal in the firm Recuerdos Research and a lecturer in the Department of American Indian Studies at San Diego State University and at Cuyamaca Community College. He has an M. A. in History from the University of San Diego and B. A. degrees in History and Anthropology from San Diego State University. While at SDSU, Richard served as the field director for large-scale archaeological excavations at the Bancroft Ranch House in Spring Valley and the Presidio of San Diego above Old Town. He resides in Ramona, California with his wife where he raises wine grapes and makes wine under the Rockhill Vineyard label.