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Reclaiming Our Stories 2

Reclaiming Our Stories 2 continues the tradition of a literature—beginning with the slave narrative—that counters hegemony and white supremacy. These stories offer a glimpse into the lives of real people in their own words; they put a human face to members of our communities who have been marginalized, labeled as criminals, and discarded by our society. Most of the authors are first-generation college students who have all survived and continue their struggle to overcome the constant challenges of being Black, Brown, and poor in San Diego. These narratives deal with complex issues encompassing race, class, place, family, mental and physical health, gender, disability, and identity. Above all, they are stories of life, loss, and determination to thrive.

Personal essays document life in San Diego’s diverse southeast communities – San Diego Union Tribune 7/1/20

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Khalid (Paul) Alexander

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Manuel Paul Lopez

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