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Under the Spell of Succulents

A Sampler of the Diversity of Succulents in Cultivation *OUT OF STOCK*

Author: Jeff Moore

Under the Spell of Succulents is a 244 page, 800 color photo introduction into the world of cultivated succulents. Succulents seem to have earned their own niche in the world of cultivated plants, separating themselves out from other ornamentals by virtue of the diversity of their fleshy architecture and colors. As an added benefit, they are also among the most water-wise plants for Mediterranean climates. As succulents have become more prominent in the nursery trade, most casual gardeners are beginning to realize the “succulent” doesn’t necessarily mean “cactus”—although cacti are succulents. This book introduces readers to this fascinating botanical subculture, from the soft pastel petals of kalanchos to the beautiful but intimidating spines of cacti and makes clear why so many fall Under the Spell of Succulents. 

Click here to watch a Sunbelt Spotlight with author Jeff Moore. He shares a short tour of his nursery, Solana Succulents and demonstrates how to plant a succulent dish garden.

About the Author

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is the owner and operator of Solana Succulents, a retail succulent nursery near San Diego. He has gained notoriety for landscapes at the Del Mar Fair and Home Shows, particular for his “undersea” succulent gardens. After over 20 years operating his nursery, Jeff has written a series of engaging books about the world of succulents in cultivation.