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Coloring Nature in the California Chaparral

This unique coloring book has 40 of the most common plants and animals you are likely to see while exploring the chaparral ecosystem. Discovering the chaparral through coloring provides a wonderful opportunity to calm your conscious mind, focus on the moment, and become familiar with the wide variety of life found in California’s distinctive native shrubland. The process will inspire because it gives your intellect a rest and awakens your creativity.

Chaparral defines California like no other natural habitat. California’s official state bird, the California Quail, and state flower, the California poppy, find their home in the chaparral. The chaparral is one of the most common plant communities growing in soil created from serpentine, California’s state rock. And the California grizzly bear, the now extinct state animal, preferred chaparral over all other habitats. So, to better understand and appreciate Nature in California, it makes sense to spend some relaxing time exploring the chaparral through the art of coloring. Grab some bright colors, find a comfortable place, and allow Nature to speak through your artistic self.

About the Author

Richard W. Halsey

Richard Halsey is a noted teacher, writer, and photographer who has been researching California chaparral for over two decades, and is the founder and director of the California Chaparral Institute. A popular speaker, Halsey coordinates education and research programs designed the help others reconnect with Nature and their wild, inner selves. Halsey has authored numerous publications concerning chaparral ecology, including his awarding winning book, Fire, Chaparral, and Survival in Southern California.


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