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Coyote Claus

A Southwestern Desert Tale

Coyote Claus: A Southwestern Desert Tale, is an original manuscript which brings the cultural heritage of the Sonoran Desert to life through the familiar genre of Clement C. Moore’s A Visit from St. Nicholas. Through this rollicking holiday adventure, readers discover the uniqueness of the Southwestern United States. Many authors have adapted this poem to explore different settings and characters. Coyote Claus has been carefully depicted through experience to accurately (but with a bit of whimsy) represent the unique life of this remarkable area. Both adults and children will enjoy the familiar lilt of the poem and quickly recognize how the conflict, plot, and theme work together with a Sonoran twist.

Non-fiction information is included at the bottom of each page, deepening the reader’s knowledge of the Southwest by connecting the story of the poem to factual information about the area.

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About the Author

Cory Cooper Hansen

Cory Cooper Hansen, Ph.D. worked with children, families, and teachers for 30 years before retiring from Arizona State University. Dr. Hansen is published in both academia and children’s literature. She is introducing her grandchildren, Connor and Emily, to the wonders of the Sonoran Desert.