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San Diego Specters

Author: John J. Lamb

San Diego Specters is back!

San Diego Specters is an entertaining investigation into haunted sites—some famous and others obscure—throughout San Diego County. Fresh witness accounts are combined with genuine historical research on each of the suspected haunted places. Among the haunted sites examined in the book are the world-renowned Whaley House, the Hotel Del Coronado, several historic buildings in Old Town San Diego, and an Oceanside restaurant constructed over an old cemetery. Firsthand reports of ghost and poltergeist phenomena are blended with historic data to provide an unorthodox and engaging portrait of spectral San Diego.

All haunted locations listed in the book have been thoroughly checked by the author, John Lamb, who is a trained detective with 22 years of law enforcement experience. Lamb is the Southern California Regional Coordinator for the nationwide Ghost Research Society and is a regular contributor to the Ghost Research Society journal Ghost Trackers.


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John J. Lamb

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