Author Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in publishing with us. Please review the following information, and email or write for clarification or further information.

We specialize in regional travel and reference, guidebooks, natural science, and outdoor adventure in California, Baja California, and the Southwest U.S. Our publishing program focuses on books that help to discover and conserve the natural, historical, and cultural heritage of unique regions. A marketable non-fiction title generally includes photos and illustrations (e.g., maps, artwork, diagrams, tables), all with captions that enhance understanding of the text. Natural history and guidebooks require substantial map work.

A goal of our publishing program is to contribute to the body of knowledge about selected disciplines or topics (e.g., San Diego region, Baja California, introductory earth science). To this end, we highly encourage you to review Sunbelt books related to your topic. We can also offer you any Sunbelt books for research purposes at a discounted price.

Authors are advised to query first with their idea/concept before submitting the initial proposal. Queries should be short, succinct, and focus on what makes the proposed work unique, as well as publishable and marketable. Authors may query via email to or send a single-page query letter to the Publications Department, Sunbelt Publications, 1250 Fayette Street, El Cajon, CA 92020. Please do not query or follow up on queries already sent by telephone. Queries may be followed up by email or U.S. mail, if no answer has been received within 60 days. Materials submitted will not be returned unless accompanied by SASE with sufficient postage.

Once contacted, the author shall send the proposal. This includes the general outline for the book, a brief discussion of the target market for the title, the author’s qualifications, comments on complementary or competing titles currently on the market, and sample illustrations and/or photographs (if applicable). Include comments on author’s commitment to promotion as noted below under “Teamwork.” Proposals may be followed up by email or U.S. mail, if no answer has been received within 60 days. Materials submitted will not be returned unless accompanied by SASE with sufficient postage.

Once instructed to submit the full manuscript for evaluation, author supplies final text electronically together with identical hard copy. The preferred format for electronic files is Microsoft Word. Hard copy should be double-spaced, single sided. Author supplies digital photo files in TIFF or JPEG.

• After submission of proposal and request to submit full manuscript, author submits manuscript and accompanying materials to publisher, who may accept it finally or conditionally. The acquisition committee considers content (which may include a technical review process), marketing, and financial aspects of proposed project.
• Author is contacted and informed of Publisher interest, and signs memorandum of understanding (MOU) and/or publishing agreement.
• If conditional, Author revises work until final acceptance by publisher, which will be established by written memo, and submits hard copy and digital files of approved manuscript and supplementary materials (e.g. photos, illustrations, maps). Author changes are not accepted beyond this point.
• Publisher copyedits and designs the work including interior, cover, and title. Author reviews the designed version before it is sent to the printer.
• Publisher develops and initiates marketing plan in collaboration with author.
• Printer produces a final proof for publisher approval; delivers final bound product by ship date.
• Publisher commences distribution to booksellers.
• Official publication date is peak of launch marketing campaign and may be several months after ship date.
• Commence on-going marketing process.
• Reprint if successful.