Custom Publishing Services

SUNBELT PUBLICATIONS is a full-service custom publisher. We can take a project from any stage, whether it be from the beginning with complete editorial services, design, printing, delivery, and marketing and distribution services to anywhere in between. We work with the publishing client to make sure we are within his budget and meeting his goals and deadlines. If the subject of the custom publishing project falls within our niche, we can also offer the client distribution and marketing services. We are an award-winning press with a stable of contract workers that are ready to meet any challenge.


Information Needed to Provide a Bid
In order to provide a bid for a custom publishing project, Sunbelt needs the following information from the client:

• Trim size
• Color or black and white
• Type of binding
• Cover and case if hardcover
• End papers
• Paper interior (weight, matte or glossy, FSC-recycled)
• Page count, this will be determined by several factors (word count, font size, number of images, etc.)
• Number of images
• Will the images need color correcting/touch up of any kind
• Full or partial design
• Developmental editing — is it needed?
• Line editing/proofing — is it needed?
• Index – will there be one?
• Is there an idea for cover design or will a designer have to come up with the design?
• Does the book need an ISBN and barcode, which is required for trade sales?
• Will you want the book to have a CIP (Catalog in Publication) from the Library of Congress? (The main purpose of a CIP record is to record the bibliographic data elements of a work and facilitate access to it in library catalogs.)


Our Satisfied Customers
We are happy to provide recommendations from satisfied customers. Please contact to receive a list. Our custom publishing clients include non-profit institutions, government agencies, private businesses and foundations, educational institutions and organizations, and private individuals.