The San Diego Natural History Museum partners with Sunbelt Publications to publish and distribute its books on regional natural history. Here, you’ll find a selection of books that are authored by museum staff and volunteers along with other notable books that support The Nat’s mission. To purchase other Nat merchandise, please visit their shop here.

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Books Authored by The Nat

Take a deep dive into the natural history of our region with these books authored by museum staff, volunteers, and partners. All proceeds support The Nat’s mission to study and preserve this amazing place we call home.


Baja California Plant Field Guide, 3rd Edition
Authors: Jon P. Rebman, Norman C. Roberts
ISBN: 9780916251185 | Retail: $34.95
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The Baja California Plant Field Guide is a manual to native and naturalized plants of the Baja California peninsula, Mexico.


San Diego County Bird Atlas
Author: Philip Unitt
ISBN: 9780934797214 | Retail: $39.95
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The San Diego County Bird Atlas addresses all the county’s birds—wintering birds, migrants, and exotics as well as breeding birds.


San Diego County Mammal Atlas
Editors: Scott Tremor, Drew Stokes, Wayne Spencer, Jay Diffendorfer, Howard Thomas, Susan Chivers, and Philip Unitt
ISBN: 9780692895399 | Retail: $49.95
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The new San Diego County Mammal Atlas serves as the definitive guide to the mammals of San Diego County, the biodiversity of which is one of the greatest in the United States.


Inspired By Nature: San Diego Natural History Museum After 125 Years
Author: Iris Engstrand
ISBN: 9780918969040 | Retail: $29.95
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There has been tremendous change during the 125 year history of the San Diego Society of Natural History, but the Mission of the institution remains essentially as written in 1874. This book celebrates the institution’s colorful past.


Books That Support The Nat

Bring the natural world to life with books from respected authors and illustrators, with contributions from museum staff and volunteers. The authors are generously donating their royalties to the museum to support its mission.


Coast to Cactus: The Canyoneer Trail Guide to San Diego Outdoors
Author: The Canyoneers of the San Diego Natural History Museum
Editors: Diana Lindsay, Paula Knoll, Terri Varnell
ISBN: 9781941384206 | Retail: $29.95
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The book complements the Museum’s 8,000-square-foot permanent exhibit – Coast to Cactus in Southern California, which helps the visitor understand the region’s diverse ecosystems and why it is one of the world’s biodiversity hot-spots. Use this guide to personally experience San Diego’s diversity.


Coloring Lizards, Snakes, and More: Southern California
Author: Dr. Bradford Hollingsworth
ISBN: 9781941384558 | Retail: $9.95
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This coloring book features 40 amphibian and reptile species from southern California including frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes and turtles.


Coloring Southern California Birds
Author: Wendy Esterly
ISBN: 9781941384473 | Retail: $10.95
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This coloring book contains 40 commonly seen birds in southern California including year-round residents and migratory visitors.


Coloring Southern California Butterflies & Caterpillars
Author: Bill Howell
ISBN: 9781941384596 | Retail: $10.95
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This captivating coloring book highlights 37 different butterflies, several caterpillars, and two moths found in southern California.