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California’s El Camino Real and Its Historic Bells

Second Edition

Author: Max Kurillo

California’s El Camino Real and Its Historic Bells is the first book to trace the history, development and preservation of this historic West Coast transportation corridor.

The “King’s Highway” would eventually extend almost 2,000 miles north to a final destination in Sonoma, Alta California, and remained that region’s main artery.

Foot traffic and pack trains of heavily-laden mules dominated activity in the early days, followed by bicyclists, then the roar of automobiles. Yet despite its importance, the memory of this early road was almost lost.

Fortunately, a number of men and women’s clubs, state and county governments and Caltrans came to its rescue. This book chronicles the determined efforts to renew El Camino Real and the familiar roadside bell markers, unique and enduring symbols of California’s cultural heritage. With over 40 maps and 70 illustrations, that focuses on documenting, and conserving the natural and historical heritage of this unique historical road.

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Max Kurillo

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