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Chasing Centuries

The Search for Ancient Agave Cultivars Across the Desert Southwest

Author: Ron Parker

Chasing Centuries is a one-of-a-kind travel-history book that takes the reader along on an exciting and little known adventure at the crossroads of archaeology and botany. Travel with author Ron Parker as he explores the depth and duration of human/agave coevolution across the desert southwest, and discovers unusual agaves apparently associated with archaeological sites long since abandoned by residents of extinct ancient cultures. These agaves appear to be anthropogenic cultivars; living archaeological relics developed and planted by indigenous pre-Columbian Native Americans, and many are still growing exactly where they were planted hundreds of years ago.

About the Author

Ron Parker

Ron Parker is an outdoorsman, xeric plant enthusiast, and amateur botanist who spends half his time gardening and the other half exploring natural habitat across Arizona and neighboring states, primarily chasing agaves and archaeological sites. He has been studying agave populations in Arizona for many years, and has been out in the field with renowned botanists and regional archaeologists. When not under the open sky, Ron maintains the well-known xeric plant discussion forum, Agaveville.org, an impressive online repository for information on agaves and other succulent plants.