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Cycling San Diego 4th Edition

Author: Nelson Copp

With this new edition of Cycling San Diego you will have in hand a comprehensive selection of trips for cyclists of every level. Our previously published rides are updated and several new rides have been added to present a variety of trips designed to give the rider pleasant tours full of beautiful scenery. Many of the rides are routed through paved bicycle and pedestrian trails that are separated from streets and highways to provide traffic free and safer rides.

**Also available as an eBook. Please check with your preferred online source for availability – 9781941384176.**

About the Author

Nelson Copp

Nelson Copp is an accomplished life-long cyclist, both on-road and off-road, and a master of applying state-of-the-art cartography and software applications to field guides in cooperation with GIS specialist Margaret Gooding and route scout Debra Copp. A geologist by training, he enjoys helping people "find themselves" he teaches Map & Compass Navigation and GPS classes for many Southern California groups and is a frequent Sierra Club outing leader. Along with biking, his interests include hiking, backpacking, surfing, cross-country skiing, and chasing eclipses all over the globe.