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Desert Critters Wacky Wisdom

The Lives and Survival Skills of Seven Unique Desert Animals

Author: Carol Stout

Basic life-saving survival skills—can’t live without them. Parents teach their offspring, and sometimes the lessons and techniques may seem strange, especially in the animal world. Whatever it takes to stay alive and thrive! Find out how seven different desert animals do it, even though it might seem wacky. It is tried and true wisdom that works!

About the Author

Carol Stout

Carol Stout has a passion for animals and observing their behavior. She tries to understand what they are doing and why. Carol spent time as volunteer at the San Diego Safari Park. For the past several years, her poetry has been published in the San Diego Poetry Annual. Desert Critter’s Wacky Wisdom is her first children’s book. Carol and her husband Robert currently reside in Fallbrook, California.