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Fire, Chaparral, and Survival in Southern California

Revised and Updated

This is the best book available that describes in detail California’s most extensive plant community (the chaparral) as well as how to live safely in one of the most fire prone ecosystems on the planet. The book not only provides the basics of chaparral natural history, but also how wildfires are fought, how to protect your home and family from wild land fire, and why it is important to reconnect with one’s surroundings. The revised and updated second printing of this book includes a new chapter on the importance of understanding the relationship between fire, people, and nature. Also included is an updated color photo identification section with 64 of the most common southern California chaparral plants and animals.


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About the Author

Richard W. Halsey

Richard Halsey is a noted fire ecologist and trained wildland fire-fighter who has been researching southern California chaparral for over two decades, and is a consultant to environmental and land management agencies. A popular speaker, and instructor at the San Diego Natural History Museum, he coordinates education and research efforts for the California Chaparral Institute. Halsey has been featured on national and regional media, including the Los Angeles Times and Huell Howser’s California’s Green show on PBS.