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Good Camp

Gold Mines of Julian and the Cuyamacas

An informal and engaging history of San Diego’s own Gold Rush. A Good Camp takes readers through the history of this unique mining region, whose quartz veins once yielded millions of dollars’ worth of gold; from the first meager strikes to the big discoveries, and on to the eventual bust times for Julian, Banner, and surrounding areas. Leland Fetzer briefly explains the geology of the area, and describes mining and milling as it really was at the most productive mines, including the Stonewall and Ranchita. Learn about the hardy immigrants, former soldiers, and pioneers who discovered “gold in them thar hills.” Discover why, of the hundreds who flocked to the area in the 1870s, some struck it rich and some died penniless, and how some well-known San Diegans earned their fame. A Good Camp also tells some of the fascinating history of Julian itself, a few houses that quickly blossomed into a boomtown and eventually grew into a popular tourist destination. The book contains dozens of photos of what remains of many famous mines, includes maps, diagrams, and historic photographs, and concludes with a guide to the mines that can be visited and toured.


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About the Author

Leland Fetzer

Leland Fetzer

Leland Fetzer, the son of a part-time mine owner, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He spent thirty years as a San Diego State University professor specializing in Russian. Retired from teaching, Dr. Fetzer built a home in Julian's North Peak, a subject he explored in his collection of essays, A Year in the Cuyamacas. His book, A Good Camp, explores San Diego's Gold Rush in detail; another of his local history titles is San Diego County Place Names, A to Z. Dr. Fetzer is a popular speaker who lives with his wife in San Diego and Julian.