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HELP! San Diego Lifeguards to the Rescue:

A History of Their Service Volume 1 1868-1941

This compelling, comprehensive, and very readable history of lifeguards along the San Diego Coast follows the evolution and acceptance of the need for public safety and the development of agencies to provide that service. The book chronicles the early pre-lifeguard years where citizens provided the aquatic rescues in bay and ocean. The narrative follows the implementation of private lifeguards at bathhouses along the coast, and finally the creation of the City’s lifeguard service. From the ashes of tragic incidents has grown a dedicated professional service that sees its greatest gift being the ability to save another person’s life.

About the Author

Michael T. Martino

No one is better qualified than MICHAEL T. MARTINO to write a history of the San Diego Lifeguard Service. He has served in every capacity as a lifeguard with California State Parks (CSP), including seasonal lifeguard, lifeguard peace officer, lifeguard supervisor, Public Safety Superintendent, and finally Aquatic Specialist, which is the Chief Lifeguard in the state park system. He served as chair of the SDR-ALERT (San Diego Regional- Aquatic Lifesaving Emergency Response Taskforce). Michael is also a skilled writer. He taught English in San Diego high schools while working seasonally as a lifeguard. He has a Master’s Degree in Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing and was a report-writing instructor at the CSP’s Peace Officer Academy for over 10 years. This is his third published book.