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Houses By The Sea


This volume of Houses by the Sea embarks on a new architectural voyage of some of the world’s most beautiful homes gracing the Pacific Coast of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez. “Houses by the Sea” is as vividly colorful, creative, and inspiring as the homes themselves. The photography, by Rigoberto Moreno, and Rocio Guillen is so vibrant and crisp that each page seems like a window onto these stunning homes and their lush surroundings. Each section of the book highlights one of these unique homes and describes the architects challenges and inspirations in building and design, from unusual owner requests to difficult cliffside terrain. The collection of homes featured throughout the book highlight the impeccable construction and breath taking visual impact while exploring the combination of beauty and individual style of each project through the use of indigenous materials, landscaping and artistic interior and exterior designs features.

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Mauricio Martinez

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