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Marshal South Rides Again

His Anza-Borrego Novels

The enigmatic Marshal South of California’s Anza-Borrego desert region remains a controversial character. His descriptions in Desert Magazine of his family’s experiment in primitive living obscured the memory of this man as an acclaimed western novelist. With the publication of Marshal South Rides Again, two novels in one book, a new generation is being introduced to these two fast-paced, non-stop action cliffhangers that are set in the land he knew best — the desert that surrounded his Ghost Mountain home. South weaved local tales about the old Butterfield Vallecito Stage Station around stories he had heard about his backcountry neighbors to develop his storyline and characters. He wrote what he knew first hand and gave apt descriptions of local landmarks that readers familiar with the Anza-Borrego area will know. Get ready for a rollicking good read as the hero uses his wits to save the day, win the damsel in distress, and acquire the wealth of his dreams.

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