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Roadside Geology of Southern California

Join Arthur Sylvester, an award-winning UC Santa Barbara geologist, and Elizabeth O’Black Gans, a geologist-illustrator, as they motor through mountains and deserts to explore the iconic features of the SoCal landscape, from boulder piles in Joshua Tree National Park and brilliant white dunes in the Channel Islands to tar seeps along the rugged coast and youthful cinder cones in the Mojave Desert. Whether you want to find precious gemstones, ponder the mysteries of the Salton Sea, or straddle the boundary between the North American and Pacific Plates, be sure to bring this book along as your tour guide.

About the Authors

Aurthur Gibbs Sylvester

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Elizabeth O'Black Gans

Elizabeth O'Black Gans

Elizabeth O'Black Gans, LIbby to most, holds a BS in geology from U.C. Santa Barbara, where she was introduced to plenty of great southern California geology, as well as to the art of map making. Shortly after graduation, Libby started Gans Illustrations and began working on maps and scientific illustrations for publication, eventually becoming the first digital arts of the Dibblee Geological Foundation. (from the back page of her book "Roadside Geology of Southern California" Mountain Press Publishing.)