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San Diego County Place Names, A To Z

Have you ever wondered “Why did they name it that?” This easy-to-read book filled with little known facts from across San Diego County can help answer that question. From the earliest peoples of the county to the later settlers, each wave of immigration has left its mark on the county in place names. From Spanish land grants, Indian Villages, and gold mines to family farms and short-lived post offices—each has made a mark in history by putting a place name on a map.  Over 1,600 revealing portals into history can be found in these pages.

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About the Author

Leland Fetzer

Leland Fetzer

Leland Fetzer, the son of a part-time mine owner, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He spent thirty years as a San Diego State University professor specializing in Russian. Retired from teaching, Dr. Fetzer built a home in Julian's North Peak, a subject he explored in his collection of essays, A Year in the Cuyamacas. His book, A Good Camp, explores San Diego's Gold Rush in detail; another of his local history titles is San Diego County Place Names, A to Z. Dr. Fetzer is a popular speaker who lives with his wife in San Diego and Julian.