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Unmaking of Americans

7 Lives

Dorothy Dandridge, Bettie Page, Joey Stefano, Margaret Fuller, Margaret Sanger, Bayard Rustin, Billy Stayhorn. The Unmaking of American 7 Lives sketches an accurate outline of these admirable, complex, and in some cases, tragic lives as they have been depicted by their principle biographers. In the work, fact and fantasy mingle without becoming conflated. This is a book which looks at grave social and personal ills.

About the Author

Mel Freilicher

Mel Freilicher is a longtime San Diego resident who was publisher and co-editor of Crawl Out Your Window for 15 years, a magazine of regional literature and arts. Freilicher’s previous book, The Unmaking of Americans : 7 Lives (2007) was published by San Diego City Works Press, and he was anthologized in their Sunshine/Noir: Writing from San Diego and Tijuana (2005). Freilicher was also anthologized in Contemporary American Fiction (Sun and Moon Press) and in Performance Anthology: Source Book for a Decade of California Performance Art (Contemporary Arts Press).  Along with two chapbooks, his reviews, essays, and fiction have appeared in many publications.  Freilicher has been teaching creative writing in the University of California at San Diego’s Literature Department for several decades.