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Wild And Woolly Night

Most little kids don’t look forward to bedtime, but Phillip is quite ready to go to sleep. Just as he cuddles into his new bedspread of stars, Phillip finds that they’ve turned into dripping wet starfish. How can he sleep with starfish? Luckily he has a whole closet full of different bedspreads. But the next bedspread brings in jumping frogs! He definitely cannot sleep with frogs! So he pulls out a new spread… and another… and another. Black and white shapes, spots, stripes, polka dots – each bedspread brings on more animals who won’t let Phillip sleep. What kind of bedspread will stop this ”wild and woolly” night? Surely not one that attracts swinging chimpanzees or a flock of flamingos. Will Phillip ever get to sleep? Lorraine Lynch Geiger creates a sense of suspense for young readers with each new bedspread that Phillip retrieves. And Sharon Vargo captures the imaginative animal mayhem that takes place in the course of one sleepless night. With each page turn, kids will love guessing what animal is next to appear from the latest bedspread design.

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Lorraine Lynch Geiger

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