DPC Educational Bulletin from El Paisano Spring 2016, #222

1437_lambs-ewe-pose_kw-smallThanks to Desert Protective Council for adding information on Mark Jorgensen’s award-winning Desert Bighorn Sheep.  This article by Janene Colby captivates from beginning to end and gives a first-person glimpse into the life of a fish and wildlife biologist including the joys of observation and the concerns about anthropogenic threats.

It begins, “On a brilliantly clear February morning, I sit quietly on the saddle of a ridgeline looking through my spotting scope at a group of bighorn sheep bedded on the opposite slope. So far I’ve counted 6 ewes (females) and a couple of lambs napping near their moms. Fortunately, I’m far enough away that my presence has not caused them to get up and move away. This group does not know it has a “Judas ewe” among them, allowing me to find them in this remote corner of the desert. Ewe 292 sports a collar that emits a radio signal I have tracked to this location using a hand-held receiver and directional antenna…”

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