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Indian Cradles of California

And the Western Great Basin

A thorough study of Indian Cradles, Cradle Boards, and Cradle Baskets is presented in this book by Justin Farmer. These cradles were created by Indians from northern Baja California to the California-Oregon border, and along the eastern fringes of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and from the Oregon border to Death Valley.

Justin has conducted extensive research into the extant cradles of California and the Western Great Basin. He has reviewed and documented the cradle making characteristics of more than twenty-six tribes. His search lead to public and private museums, private collections, auction houses, Indian artifacts dealers, the CIBA (California Indian Basketmakers Association), and individuals. Results of that search are summarized here so that the serious Indian cradle board student might benefit from his efforts.

About the Author

Justin Farmer

Justin Farmer is of Northern Diegueño heritage and is recognized by the US Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) as a California “Mission Indian.” He was born in 1926, in a small farm house several miles from the town of Julian, San Diego County, in Southern California. Mr. Farmer has authored several short treatises on basket making, use of native plants in basketry, making acorn granaries, baby cradle boards of California, as well as assisting in two books by the Riverside Municipal Museum. He is also a former member of the Southwest Museum’s Board of Trustees (now the Autry National Center).