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Nature Adventures!

Guidebook of Nature Facts, Songs, and Hikes in San Diego County

This book is a resource guide for parents, teachers, and children focused on studying the animal and plant species found in San Diego County. It teaches the reader to develop observation skills, to notice signs of wildlife, to enjoy, and connect with the natural world, and to learn the importance of stewardship and our interdependent relationship with nature. The descriptive information, lively songs, and whimsical drawings will captivate young and old alike. The book also pays tribute to the way of life of the Kumeyaay people prior to the Spanish arrival in 1769.

About the Author

Linda Gallo Hawley

Former elementary classroom teacher and college adjunct professor of 28 years in New York State and Ohio, Linda Gallo Hawley received her undergraduate degree in elementary education from Russell Sage College and a Master’s degree in education from State University of New York at Buffalo. In 2004, she completed trail guide training at Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego, CA; in 2009, she received a scholarship to SCI’s American Wilderness Leadership School, a one-week teacher training course in Wyoming, and Project Wild’s Growing Up WILD preschool teacher training workshop. Ms. Hawley created and taught her “wildly popular” nature classes for nearly 10 years at MTRP. She continues to volunteer as a trail guide, and offers presentations in other San Diego parks, schools, libraries, and senior centers.