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Spiny Succulents

Euphorbias, Cacti, and Other Sculptural Succulents and (Mostly) Spiny Xerophytic Plants

Author: Jeff Moore

This book explores some of the truly extraordinary succulents in cultivation: cacti, euphorbias, fouquierias, alluaudias, and a host of other dry-climate and often spiny architectural wonders. You will see images of some of these xerophytes in their native habitat, but the focus will be on spiny succulents in cultivation. Beautiful images of mature landscape plants will provide you with an appreciation of them at full size and maturity, but many are delightful little container specimens and are also highlighted. While the structure of succulents is usually the first thing to draw you in, many will amaze you with their glorious and colorful flowers. You’ll even learn to love the spines!

About the Author

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is the owner and operator of Solana Succulents, a retail succulent nursery near San Diego. He has gained notoriety for landscapes at the Del Mar Fair and Home Shows, particular for his “undersea” succulent gardens. After over 20 years operating his nursery, Jeff has written a series of engaging books about the world of succulents in cultivation.