Sunbelt Spotlight: Southern California Birds with Wendy Esterly

In this Sunbelt Spotlight lecture, Coloring Southern California Birds author Wendy Esterly introduces us to six species of birds, a mix of year-round residents and migratory visitors, that can be seen in southern California. Enjoy this collection Wendy’s beautiful photography and her personal observations of the birds in those photos.

Wendy Esterly is a photographer, nature enthusiast, and avid birder. She volunteers at theNAT|San Diego Natural History Museum with the Canyoneers and at Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego, California. For both organizations she is a trail guide and a member of the team who instruct the training course for future trail leaders. She has received awards from the City of San Diego, theNAT|San Diego Natural History Museum, and Mission Trails Regional Park for her volunteerism, and her photos have been used in publications and displays. Wendy is graciously donating her author royalties to support the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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